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Chicago 2014, April 12-13

En Las Tablas Performing Arts, NFP

Paired with Critical Massacre

En Las Tablas Performing Arts is a not for profit,501(c)3, community arts organization established in 2006 for the purpose of offering performing arts experiences at low cost, to the residents of the Hermosa Neighborhood of Chicago and its surrounding communities. We offer artistic training in the areas of Dance, Acting, Music and Voice. Our commitment to community arts goes beyond our financial capabilities. Fortunately, thanks to the people who believe in our program, we have achieved our goals of offering low cost quality performing arts education, amazing artistic showcases and community arts awareness for almost eight years. A vital part of our success is due to the inclusion of parental participation as a key to student success. Our program also includes poetry, writing workshops and Open Mics . This component of our program is geared towards members of disenfranchised populations

(such as sexual minorities, women and people of color). Additionally, we offer a theater production component which allows some of our participants the opportunity to perform in a community production, alongside local performers in the community.

The space is also utilized by community organizations to hold small lectures, presentations, meetings and art exhibits. Our target population ranges in ages from 4 to adult. But the most significant number of participants is children, specifically ages 3 to 12. Most of our families are low income members of the immediate community. Our poetry and theater production components reach farther communities, integrating our local communities with diverse audiences in Chicagoland. Our plans for future growth are geared towards adding new programs for stay at home Moms, Senior Citizens and populations with disabilities. Our short term plan is to implement a “full circle” arts training program which will offer all the componets of our program in a cycle.

What new functionality we are looking for

What we're looking for in a new website is the ability for the organization's members to easily access any pertinent information related to classes: calendar,upcoming events,photo and video gallery that is easy to navigate, recital information, purchase of tickets, dontations, registration forms,etc. It also needs to be a friendly user website so that those with limited browsing experience can have easy access to our information. We are also looking for the website to be clear, simple, artistic and inviting. Our current website is too busy, has too many links and it is not user friendly or streamlined.

How the new functionality will help

We plan to accomplish our short and long term goals by re-designing our program and developing a marketing image, expanding our board of directors, securing grants, increasing our visibility in the community, securing donors and enhancing our media image on the web.

Our current website includes general information that is necessary for people to learn who we are and what we do. However, it needs a lot of help! The website was as a donation and designed by a person who was not an expert in website design. We are grateful for the donation, however, in order to reach more people and increase the number of participants, we need to improve our website.

We exist because we give beyond our financial capabilities. This giving is in true form of our mission in giving to the commnity. We are very tiny and cannot afford to pay for a new website. We need to attract new students in order to survive and pay our bills.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

4 Messages from Supporters

2014-03-18 02:31:13 UTC
Evelyn DeJesus, Dance Instructor/Mentor

En Las Tablas Performing Arts is a sacred space that brings our community together through the arts. It's a celebration of family and culture. It is the reason why I, as a dance instructor and mentor, am committed to give to ELTPA. I recall how instrumental a few key people were in my life, at a time I never even dreamed of dancing, performing or acting. I want to be able to give students the same opportunity that was afforded to me when I was young. I am honored to be part of the ELTPA family.

2014-03-18 03:08:43 UTC
Milka Ramirez

En Las Tablas Performing Arts (ELTPA) is truly a special place, I am honored to be part of what I'ld like to call, a tiny giant. ELTPA is small is space, but leaves a huge imprint on the hearts of everyone that enters its space. Thank you ELTPA for being such a powerful force for a community in need!

2014-03-18 03:10:41 UTC
Maggy Irizarry

En las tablas Enlastablas PerformingArts. Family, commitment, dedication, fun, caring.

2014-03-18 03:11:46 UTC
Lisa Bruner

En Las Tablas Performing Arts is a community friend with heart and soul in a talented, caring environment. Xoxo

Our Mission

En Las Tablas Performing Arts provides an open, safe and affirming space where participants can explore artistic expression through performing arts experiences that are geared to educate, celebrate and connect participants with one another, their culture and rich artistic history. Our curriculum adresses the link between performing arts and health education, environmental education and the celebration of the Spanish language and Latino cultural celebrations as a way to achieve our mission.